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She possessed a sharp wit and a strong determination to excel in all her endeavors. Doug appreciated his good fortune in having such a splendid and devoted young wife and looked forward to making lovely children with her one day when they were financially ready.

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They removed their clothes. The slender, lightly colored prick with its little, pink head barely reached past the area of brown pubic hair surrounding it. A modest scrotum of a slightly darker hue contained two meager testicles that barely hung below its shaft. Some basic instinct made Lisa actually want Doug to cum in her. They give me terrible, migraines. Doug rolled the condom on his penis and guided Lisa back onto him. But Doug lacked the size necessary for Lisa to achieve such intense orgasms, and dope to stimulate her neural pleasure centers.

Careful to not hurt his feelings, Lisa pretended to enjoy the sex with her husband. After a few minutes, Doug tightly embraced Lisa as he released an amount of seamen into the rubber that only partially filled its diminutive tip. Perhaps over time her vagina would return to its previous dimensions and sex with Doug would regain the spice it once had. Lisa donned her skimpy silk undergarments and prepared for bed. She needed to rest and get over the bug she thought she had so she could start work early the next morning.

She slept a little better this evening. The chills, diarrhea, nausea, cramps and other symptoms that kept awakening her the previous night lessened in severity. Early the next morning Lisa thoroughly attended to all of her grooming and hygienic needs, reviving herself somewhat. As Lisa dressed she noticed how loosely her garments fit. She had lost her appetite during the last few days due to her illness and must have dropped a couple of pounds from her already slim figure, she thought.

Doug returned home just before Lisa departed for work and her trip. She gave her husband a deep kiss and hugged him tightly goodbye. Lisa arrived at work earlier than everyone else, except Tashara, and on the rebound, still not completely over her withdrawal symptoms yet. Why are we going back again? We have to take the children into custody today. Lisa returned to the creepy room where twice Reggie had sexually assaulted her. Lisa turned around to check the other rooms.

Reggie had prepared a special dosage just for Lisa containing extra amounts of cocaine, heroin, and some synthetic designer drugs that heightened the sense of touch and greatly retarded memory in the recipient. She could feel his very large cock grow harder from her efforts and push through his sweat pants into her.

Her disdain for black men had not diminished. She had to get away. Her vagina would never contract to its once smaller size if Reggie would not stop fucking her. She also knew the drugs Reggie kept giving her had to be harmful as her thoughts remained foggy for days after receiving them. This here stuff will fix yuz right up. Lisa watched the syringe in horror, suddenly realizing that her illness had been withdrawal symptoms and now more of the addictive drugs had been dumped into her vascular system just as her body started to detoxify. I will have Ken Smith take care of them. You just have a good time with my brother, Reggie, for the rest of the week.

Lisa gazed at Tashara with a quizzical look on her face. She could not remember what Tashara just said. She could have worked as a professional model. Lisa sat on the edge of the bed completely nude with a blank stare on her face, totally oblivious to her own nakedness as Reggie spread her legs as far apart as they would go.

Reggie laid Lisa back in the bed, licked his finger, and began toying with her clitoris. He stroked her hood and almost instantly the little, pink nub emerged and sweet dew appeared on her tender folds. The powerful drugs worked better than he expected. The big, muscular black man who Lisa greatly disliked when cognizant, once again easily slid his monstrous cock into her slippery vagina without one bit of protest from her.

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Her pussy quickly surrendered its territorial achievement back to the black infiltrator that slithered all the way inside it. Reggie savored the rare white pussy that could accommodate him. Lisa was a special girl he intended to fuck for a long time. The bed began to loudly squeak and thump against the wall as Reggie started jack hammering into Lisa. Reggie completed a 90 minute stretch of fucking Lisa.

Lisa did not know that she had ovulated early in the morning. Had Doug made love to her the previous evening without a condom as Lisa had wanted, her valuable egg would now safely be a zygote with his genetic material. Reggie knew Lisa was completely out of her mind. Do yuz wants me to take my cock out of you now instead? He soon filled her past capacity with his strong gunk before withdrawing. Reggie sat up in the bed and grabbed Lisa by her silky hair. Lisa looked confused. Reggie recalled the powerful drugs she was on interfered with her comprehension and memory.

Eventually, Lisa caught on to what Reggie wanted her to do and parted her luscious lips. Reggie slipped his soft penis, wet with her juice and his sperm into her warm mouth. Their fluids tasted good to Lisa and she began gently sucking. Lisa had never performed oral sex before and Reggie gently slapped her face and admonished her each time her teeth carelessly scratched him until she learned the proper technique.

Her dainty fingers barely fit around his thick shaft, and her wedding band sparkled against its dark color as her hand repeated its up and down motion. Aster Bunnymund never allowed himself to get close to anyone. But now, as the Guardians become a family, Aster finds himself falling into a brotherly role for none other than Jack Frost.

Follow their adventures as Bunny and Jack learn what it's like to have a brother. To know that someone cares, no matter what. Arcs and oneshots! Pure family and friendship, no pairings! From Strangers to Brothers by reminiscent-afterthought reviews [AU] They're paired up as pen-pals through a school assignment. At first, they think they're a regular pair but hints of a deeper connection begin to crawl out of their letters. And then their parents see, and the truth stumbles out. This is the tale of their reunion, told in an exchange of letters. Friends by KingPhoenix reviews Leo, a fan of the Digimon show finds some customers look familiar, but where has he seen them before?

Broken and Beloved by Death to Barbie reviews Scared, scarred, and obedient. Jack Frost, the newest Guardian, is all of these words. One hundred years as Pitch's slave has left him as a shell of the winter spirit we all know. But now, as the newest Guardian, can the other Guardians help him heal? This mostly follows the plot of the movie. Rated T because paranoia. This was once called Pitch's Slave.

Very sad. An exploration of what Pitch's place in the world should be. Additionally, there are zany antics. Salva Nos by Ajora reviews In the year , something went wrong and changed history as we know it. Questionably healthy relationships. AU, before the start of the movie. Strings of Fate by RadicalRae reviews Death reaps a soul, only to be stopped by the light of the moon and Fate intervening; a life becomes immortal, and thus, Jack Frost was reborn. I own nothing. When he viewed his memories, the broken part of him came back to life. Jackson Overland - the one who died, so long ago in that lake.

They went to war - and someone won. However, it was the loser who gained life once more Protect by Galimatias reviews Family: n. Until he became a Guardian. And then it wasn't. Successes, struggles, loud and quiet moments of those learning to become just that. When he and Thor's daughter, Coro, take up permanent residence on Midgard, they never expect to be turned into the spirits of winter and wind, nor to become involved with some strange group that called themselves the Avengers.

Saving a life by jenn. AU] Yagami Hikari's Sorting surprises everyone except herself and her brother. All years. Slight crack. Pairings unknown. Possession of Jack Frost by acrisafu reviews After 10 years, pitch black is back and there is just one thing on his mind.

Jack Frost. He will stop at nothing to get the boy on his side. No matter the cost. Will the guardians be able to save him in time or will they lose their youngest member? He's forced to go back to Privet Drive, his uncle keeps on getting worse, until one day, when he thinks that he's finally going to die, he is saved by the most unlikely people. Harry finds out who he truly is.. Future Mpreg. Nightmares so Sweet by Enailif reviews After all those years spent with Pitch, Jack Frost is chosen to be the guardian.

It took only a moment for his life to be dropped into a deadly game. With both the Guardians and Pitch wanting Jack on their side they may not notice a greater danger that lurks for Jack just around the corner. And it seems that the Guardians misunderstood MiM And the clock is still ticking Chronicle of Hope by Fantasy-Magician reviews Different choice was made by the end of 1st adventure by Takeru, staying in digital world by himself was a turning point. Pulling out entangled mess of Digital world bloody history from under the rug was another.

How much it would alter their 2nd adventure? Will Takeru ever reveal the truth to his friends? This is the chronicle of the child of hope. Meanwhile, Thor recruits the help of an old friend of his to stop Loki. Will include members from other movies and franchises. Divided by RavenDrawer reviews A different take on how the Titans met and became a team. Maybe Starfire wasn't the only one in trouble back then. This is mostly BBRae, but it will contain plenty of other couples. Digimon Hunter Davis by Wiley E Coyote reviews While running an errand for his parents, Davis runs into the old clock man and his partner Clockmon, who give him a fusion loader.

Follow Davis as he deals with being a Digidestined while hiding the fact that he is a Digmon hunter and trying to figure out the powers that he suddenly unlocked. Smarter Davis! Stronger Davis! Hunter Davis! Frost Ferns by Goldenbrook15 reviews All he has of before are his last memories of saving his sister from falling in the ice. Years later when the Guardians see the image of a tall, hooded stranger wielding a staff, none of them knows who this mysterious spirit is or why they do not recognize him.

Learning about a Winter Spirit by BambixRonno reviews Jack has become distant lately and no one knows why. After a comment that Bunny took too far, Jack storms off and Manny decides that the guardians should see Jack's past. But why doesn't Jack want them to see his memories? Right in Front of Me Book 1 by ShabbyBeachNest reviews Dark secrets and an even darker past threaten to destroy the boy on whom the entire wizarding world has pinned their hopes.

Can Severus Snape find it within him to heal and accept the broken child of his nemesis, and in the process, ultimately heal and accept himself?

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Cyborg became obsolete, Beast Boy a one-man zoo, Robin alone, and Raven in the depths of her own mind. Everything had all but fallen apart, but somehow Darkness can always have comfort by Nice-Girl4Ever reviews Jack knows that the guardians don't like him and cant take any more so he leaves but, runs into pitch but Pitch seems to want jack to be his family rather than the enemy.

Will he learn to know what it's like to be comforted by darkness or will he be rescued and have his old family back. And what happens if the Avengers become involved. On the first day of class Davis and Kim realize that the story of the digital world that their older siblings use to tell them about are actually true. What happens when Yolei gets dragged into this and why as Ken been having memory lapse of lately. Join me on this new adventure where Destiny is Released.

Evolution by Princess of Miracles reviews Waking up and feeling strange one day, Davey Motomiya gets a huge surprise when she learns of a secret her father has kept from her.

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This is a prologue to a story that I've been brainstorming and taking down notes on for almost two years. No flames! The gang is enjoying the quiet life with their Digimon, only going back to the Digital World in case any trouble pops up. The only problem is: can they stop their friends and figure out what's up? To hold on to each other or to let each other go? Mother Nature swore to free him from Death's grip and, years later, the chance arises.

The Guardians must call upon the Blue Angel for help against the Nightmare King, setting off a chain reaction into something bigger. Miracles Moon: Shadows of Purity by MoonlightBushido reviews Prompt inside, title idea from moonrose along with prompt. Digital Girl Star Force by moonrose reviews Before Geo and Daisuke were born, their mom's joked about arranging their marriage.

Their grandparents took the jokes seriously. Now after losing her family, partner, and being scorned by people she loves Daisuke embarks on a new journey. A journey to the Stars. An encounter with his fellow tamers prompts him to recount the tale of how he was drawn into a world of Digimon and his becoming of a Tamer. Digimon Tamers My Way by moonrose reviews Tamers series redone. Female Takato.

OOC Henry. Differences to the cannon story. My Gender Bent Character. Flames will be used to power Guilmon. He has returned with a new plan engulfing the guardians in darkness. Even, Jamie, their greatest believer is growing up, and has also become weak due to a tragedy occurring in his life. Who could save the guardians?

Chapter 9: Sandy and Pitch fight. That was a big mistake. Pitch had taken out every light upon the globe but one. However, that light happens to be the only immortal child, and that child happens to be the winter spirit Jack Frost. Now it's a race to get to him first and the powerful belief he holds. Technically that's true for the defeat of the Digimon Kaiser. For now, there's too many stories for me to keep up with.

Feel free to enjoy my other stories, until this one is back to being updated. A fight that may not have left him as unscathed as he appears. To make matters worse, there are warnings of Pitch returning. And maybe Jack wasn't as alone in his years as he lets on The definition of a stalker by Ravens Black Rose reviews Pitch starts to chase Jack down from the shadows, not sure when or why he became so infatuated with him.

It all started out through his want to find Jack's weaknesses; and without knowing, Jack makes Pitch fall for him. Could become M rated. Falling from Grace by shuusetsu reviews Best friends today could be enemies tomorrow. And lovers now could be strangers forever. Ritsu felt lost, when the man of his world suddenly wished for something he couldn't possibly grant.

Ever since Onodera Ritsu has found out his boss is also his ex-boyfriend, things have been awkward between the two. Takano has confessed to Ritsu several times telling him how he is in love with him once again. But their first breakup has left Ritsu's heart cold and jaded. That is until he comes across a box of old journals Takano wrote in highschool. How will the Guardians react when they need to recruit a boy who thinks he's a wolf? Welcome to a story where every season is in a crazy crossover but there is no danger because they want to enjoy life too!

New chapters will be posted whenever I am hit with inspiration and am inclined to write it down. Robin leaving them? Cyborg being obsolete? Becoming a circus act and losing his hair? Don't even go there. But the biggest blow by far was the thought of Raven ending up in a mental asylum. BBRae if you squint. Final Measure by Aiko Isari reviews He can't do this. He's scared. He has to do it anyway. Idea started off as a oneshot, but has been gaining momentum. I finished a basic outline, and hope to complete it. Inspired by the awesome Digimon fics of Higuchimon. But 3 year later Daisuke and his friends are chosen to save the Digital World.

They must destroy the Dark Towers and hope to find Hikari. How will Taichi and the others fight if they can't evolve? A Tri Reunion by MagicalGeek reviews Everyone thought they knew Davis, but he isn't who everyone think he is, his past was full of secrets. But a single visit from his past will burst every secret like a river. And with the discovery of a corrupted crest, it's one of their own who they have to defeat or worse Everyone will have to face their fears and save the digiworld once again.

Will they rise or will they fall? With issues still left unresolved, tensions are high, but Jack does his best to keep his emotions in check - because he doesn't want to be alone again. K plus to be cautious. Heart Of Miracles by moonrose reviews femDavis. Daisuke gets betrayed and a friend of hers asks her to train other Digidestined teams. During this confrontation, Pitch pushes harder to persuade Jack to join his side. In his anger, Jack turns on the Guardians, but what unforeseen consequences does this bring and can the Guardians convince Jack to reconsider before it's too late?

Second Shot at Love by Effervescence bunny reviews After losing his wife, 19 year old Ritsu Onodera tried to move on and improve his life and the life of his only daughter Anzu, all is well until his professor, Masamune Takano suddenly confesses his love for him, igniting feelings of passionate romance, and as his sensei became more involved in his life, he realizes that he is the happiness that he has been looking for all along.

Meanwhile On The Other Side by Ultimateblack reviews The multiverse is full of alternate realities and different timelines, connected to the tree of time. In this Multiseason crossover, the Digidestined will have to protect the real world from the invasion of Yggdrasil, as well as save the Digital World from the terror of the Digimon Emperor. Holding you closer than most by jandixjunpyo reviews After his wife's tragic death, Onodera is widowed, taking care of his children. He mourns for An's death, but regrettebly hates himself for not being able to love the mother of his children.

When family and friends notice that he is becoming neglectant towards his own health, they seek a personal assistant for him. But Will it be enough to pick up the pieces? I look at the eleven next to me, and I smile. Because I am the Chosen of Willpower. I am Darky. Rewrite of Protect the Kindness, Light, and Hope! Milleniummon in 01! Warren Life by bmo-galaxy reviews Slowly, but surely, Jack and Bunny get to see sides of each other that they show to no one. And together, they find love and understanding along the way. The other Guardians also become closer to their youngest member and together, they become a family.

Jack disappears with nobody noticing until MiM chooses a new guardian. Now the Guardians are faced with the horrifying fact that they failed to protect a child, one that's been at the mercy of Pitch for decades. Jack Frost they knew is gone, his will broken, and with no strength left. The stakes are higher than they've ever been. The Chains Are Breaking by write that wrong reviews The third story in my trilogy. Jack has been Pitch's slave for 80 years and it has left both mental and physical scars on him. The Guardians have now seen his memories and they all must decide where to go from here.

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Will they help Jack to bring out the good that still lies within Pitch? Will they be able to save him from getting hurt again? Something From Nothing by Kyoko kitty-chan reviews Pitch Black has been trapped in his lair since the battle with the Guardian's but when someone unexpectedly makes an appearance he realizes he may not have to wait much longer.

This person may have bigger problems than being the Nightmare King's hostage though. He ends up overhearing a conversation between two people that turns his entire world upside down. He now has to figure out how to come to grips with having a new father, and what that means in the long run.

Being HIS Son by Skiewrites reviews Jack never had an interesting life as a spirit, and he doesn't remember his human one. That all changed when the Guardians took him away from his normal troublemaking to help them defeat Pitch. However, Pitch and Jack have a past that only one remembers and the other treasures. Meanwhile, Mother Nature doesn't like MitM involving her spirits in a game they shouldn't be playing.

So it just burned in the deepest part of your memory as a reminder of what you had done. Takano Masamune remembered that and he realized all of his faults when it was all too late. But he didn't expect to fall to someone who doesn't know his past. But what they both don't know is that the lost past of that person is connected to him. Reaching his breaking point, Yokozawa lashes out and begins to abuse Ritsu due to his jealousy for Takano. This continues for a while until Ritsu goes missing.

What will Takano do? Digimon Crack by WhiteShiloh reviews Dares, silly questions, singing, dancing and more for the digimon characters to do in Digimon Crack. Parodys and funny fight scenes. Might have characters from other anime. Characters will be from all seasons. Sucky summary but eh. Who We Should Thank by reminiscent-afterthought There were a lot of friendships.

There were also a lot of betrayals, meant or otherwise. Tangled Adventures in Arendelle by Doctor Darth reviews Inspired by a very brief scene in Frozen, the main characters of Tangled and Frozen meet and hijinks ensue. The Gate to Styx by reminiscent-afterthought reviews There was a ghost on the loose in the hospital. And a bunch of missing kids, showing up dead one by one. Oh, and let's not forget mister lion-mask on the prowl in the streets. But how were they supposed to know from the offset that all three were connected? Never Alone by HeraJackson reviews Jack wasn't completely alone.

He was the frost, and she was the light. Together, they were a powerful pair of winter sprites, brother and sister, nearly one of a kind. But, they were invisible to those they wish to help and bring joy to. So they stuck with being harsh judgement, snowballs, and winter fun time. Until one cottontail guardian changed everything Lost Christmas by shuusetsu reviews Battered, tired and out of hope, life made him shatter to pieces, a broken-soul, that's what he was.

Meeting a broken-soul in the name of Onodera Ritsu, Takano Masamune found himself trying to rescue him despite his own coldness and fake concern at the start. Takano was rescuing a bleeding soul, yet it turns out, that Ritsu was rescuing Takano instead. But why was she chosen? Was it because she is the daughter of the Moon.

What other dark secrets does she hold? Why does Jack find her so familiar? Will Elsa find her true love, or will she be rejected because of her family? One Friend by reminiscent-afterthought reviews [WS] They'd always been the odd group of Chosen and partner digimon. Iced Hope by FeastofDeath reviews E. Aster Bunnymund hid 'hope' and guarded it as the last Pooka. But what if he lost 'hope' during the Blizzard of '68? Is that why he holds such a grudge against Jack? And what happens when Bunny finds out that 'hope' is inside of Jack? Sacrifices must be made, but will duty get in the way of a budding friendship?

Pitch wasn't carried away by his Nightmares? What if he didn't initially fee the scene after Jamie ran through him?

What if instead of fear, Pitch black was consumed by anger and hatred This is a semi-direct continuation of 'Rise of the Guardians'. Sorry, updates will be slower than I planned. Rated T for possible future chapters. Snowflake Fur by ToaXabineh reviews Pooka! Jack AU. Jack knew he was different, he always knew that, and always was ashamed of it. The thing was, no one else knew just how different he was. When Bunny finds out that there's another Pooka out there, let alone who this Pooka is? Let's just say things might get a little more crazy than usual.

Brotherly family friendship between Jack and Bunny! No pairings! On hiatus! And so the labyrinth calls them - and offers them a shadow of a choice. They can find the voices lost to them and stay, or find a sort of peace and move on. What will happen now as these days move forward? What will come to light and what past events will be brought up? Will secrets come to light? As these things progress, the Guardians will grow closer then before and go through more adventures, drama, and fun.

Together We Stand by Kari Ichijouji reviews The Dark Ocean targets Ken and Kari again, but they are both there to remind one another that they are not alone and their friends are always there for them. Frosted Howl of the Guardian by queenlaur reviews Jack has been with the Spirit wolfs for many years. He's learned much and has become a valued member of the pack but still holds an underlining belief he's weak and can do nothing but make a mess.

When the Man in the Moon Calls for him to help the Guardians he doesn't think he'll be able to. Will he and his pack Brother help stop Pitch or lose what matters most! Broken Nightingale by shuusetsu reviews When the baby opened his mouth, drew a breath and cried, Akihiko stared.

He stared with his mind blank. Misaki's first breath…took Akihiko's away. Usami, Misaki T. The DigiDestined do all they can to save her from being harmed but all exits have been shut down. If there is a way in, there is no way out. Can the DigiDestined save Kari or will they be faced with more than they can handle? Rated M for safety. However, Jack has a secret and when the Guardians catch sight of it, it only leads to more discoveries about the spirit's other job.

How will they take learning about this when the pieces all come together? What if a new danger forces everything to come to light? At The Very Begining by cocoa. Yeah, its one of those stories, but with my little twist at the end. Rated teen just to be safe. Human Again by Aeon The Dimensional Girl reviews Set three years after the movie, Manny thinks that the Guardians need to spend more time with children, so he turns them human for a week and places them in a summer activity week for kids and teens.

Shenanigans ensue. Is rated T for just in case. Also, this is my first fic. First Night Together by Higuchimon reviews It's their wedding night. Ken and Daisuke have a lot of time to catch up on things they've missed. The Thing About Memories by therevelqueen reviews An innocent game of Truth or Dare during one of the Guardian meetings at the North Pole turns into something more when an awkward topic comes up: Jack's death.

Or rather, why he is afraid of water. Getting to know you by PippaFrost reviews Wondered how a sequel to the movie would be? What about Jack and the others? What about other spirits?

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What about all Jack's years of being alone? What about Pitch? Well, this is how i like to imagine it! With the guardians learning about this new friend, his past, and with that, they realise there's a lot to know about seasonal spirits, along with some humor and tragedy as well! Jack later goes to Pitch and winds up into more trouble than he wished.

Leaving him to question his belief in the Guardians. Rated T to be safe. Focus is more or less on Jack and Pitch.

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After getting horribly violated and left half-conscious in an alleyway, Ritsu is found by Kisa who takes him to the hospital and then to his home. Onodera wants to avoid Takano but how can he when they're next door neighbours? Will ken and Cody find away to get him to release that anger. While daisuke finally let it go. Takes place a month after Xros Heart's reunion and a few weeks since the end of 'The Heroes of the Digital World', past enemies are returning and it's up to different groups of Digidestined to stop them, but 1 of the groups needs help from the rest, and another gain some new faces.

Will Jack be able to keep his long lived secret of being blind? No pairings. I do not own Rise of the Guardians or its characters. Ice Prince by FeastofDeath reviews Yes, the guardians have heard of him. With hair as white as snow, skin as pale as the moon, eyes as blue as the sky: he was the legendary 'Ice Prince' put to sleep by Old Man Winter years ago.

And now Man in the Moon wants the guardians to simply go and wake him up? Wait… why? Twist in Fate by moonrose Samantha "Sam" Ichijouji attends a school for kids with disabilities. She in love with Taiki Kudo. And learns her baby brother is not only under mind control to take over the digital world but like her has a goggle fetish!

What is a Nemesis senshi to do? This is my view of his interactions with other spirits. Rated due to character death later. He can still remember a few key things, and that little bit of knowledge is a very dangerous thing. The Last Hope by The Food Dude reviews In the light of the dying Sovereigns, a prophecy is uttered, hinting of an evil unlike anything ever seen before. With the threat of death at every turn, the entire Multiverse sits in grave danger.

Now, four years after they saved their worlds, the Chosen must be summoned once again - ALL the Chosen Seasons Crossover. Colder Weather by my mermaidia cove reviews Now that the war with Pitch is over, the guardians can get back to their normal way of life.

Or as normal as you can get with a winter spirit living at the North Pole with old saint Nick or North A collection of oneshots and stories all focusing on Jack and North as they live their lives within the Pole. What was the real reason Ritsu went to England and why is he still so against loving Takano?

Do not own SIH. Don't Tell by kindakrazymess reviews Jack has one too many drinks at a Halloween party. On the ride home with the rest of the Guardians, Jack says something that changes the battle of Easter. Jack tells the Guardian's his 'secret'. Jack Frost is captured by Pitch, and he finds that Pitch is more sadistic than he ever imagined. Will the Guardians be able to save him in time?

Or will he become Pitch's newest fearling Digimon Sword Online by Autistic-Grizzly reviews When the hottest VRMMORPG hits the selves, the digidestined go to investigate and see if there was any activity involving Digimon, only to discover with was a trap for players including themselves, not they must save the players of SAO with the help of new friends while trying to find out why Digimon are suddenly on Aincrad!

Digidestined General by moonrose reviews FemDaisuke. Daisuke is Mikey Kudo's twin. What happens when the twins are drawn into the digital world? Ice Queens and Cold Shoulders by reminiscent-afterthought reviews In the aftermath of an unexpected biomerging, Ryo is giving the original Chosen the cold shoulder and as much as Ruki doesn't care for the situation, she winds up talking about exactly that with one Yagami Taichi. Jack is happy that he has found out who he was and who he is meant to be, and he is grateful for that.

However, he's been on his own for years. And the Guardians soon realize how years of solitude can leave a person with many scars and trust issues and how easy it is for that person to be manipulated. Jackrabbit by Luki Dimension reviews From the Rise of the Guardians Kinkmeme: There's more than one Pooka - when the four year old Overland girl finds a snowy white rabbit, she smiles and says hello.

It is the most incredible moment of her life when the rabbit says hello back. Shape Shifter by Night-the-Dragon reviews Yamato is a shifter with a lonely past. Taichi is a human who fits in, but believes in something his peers don't all care for. When they eventually meet, how will they progress? Yes, it can be read as a stand alone… I recommend reading the first book, Taken by the Duke to know more about Liam's backstory.. Enter a searach query. Toggle navigation. Like this: Like Loading I was Left Speechless!

Wanderlust by Lauren Blakely [Audiobook Review]. Winter by Marissa Meyer Audiobook Review. A wife unable to tell the difference between her husband who she loves from his twin? Just, NO! Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Receive Email Notifications? Sylvia Leija. Susan Jackson. Julie Whiteley. This website uses cookies to ensure that you have the best possible experience. By clicking on the button below, you will be consenting to the use of cookies as described in our Privacy Policy, subject to any settings you may have in your browser.