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The award was announced on Saturday, March 13th at Left Coast Crime, an annual event sponsored by fans of mystery literature for fans of mystery literature. It honors the best historical events prior to mystery published during the previous year. To watch the announcement and Rebecca's acceptance, click here or watch it below. TV's website. You can read the full review here. The top four are Hardcover 1.

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Martin's 3. Robert B. Parker, Split Image , Putnam 4. Kelli Stanley, City of Dragons , St.

To read the complete blogpost, click here. The full excerpt follows:. The trail leads to sex scandals among the brownshirts. Marilyn Stasio, our reviewer, praised the novel's "bold narrator and chilling historical setting. Kelli has garnered several starred reviews from such literary magazines as Publishers Weekly and Booklist , and the late Robert B.

Parker gave her this awesome quote just before he passed away:. Besides meeting both Kelli and Kimberley, there is further incentive to attend this event: Wine and cupcakes will be served! Please join us!

The review was also mentioned in Sarah Weinman's blog, "Confessions of an Idiosyncratic Mind," which can be found here. To hear the podcast interview, click here. The McGill Medal is an award administered by the University of Georgia and is named for the late editor of the Atlanta Constitution , Ralph McGill, who wrote editorials in favor of civil rights and voting rights for African Americans in the 50s and 60s despite criticism and threats from whites.

Tom will be headed to Athens in March to accept the award. Congratulations Tom! The excerpt follows:.

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For the full text, click here. The selections are all true to character and era, at the same time adding new Holmes adventures, exploits, and successes as an innovator of detective techniques. While Conan Doyle made several references to America and Americans in his tales of Holmes's life and work, he did not explore any adventures the detective might have had on this side of the Atlantic. This gap in the saga is filled admirably. The plot devices, dialogue, and character development are uniformly first-rate.

Without question, Kurland has achieved his goal: to entertain in the well-established tradition of the Holmes canon. Where A Million Little Pieces Full of pop-culture allusions, some really funny ones. Spin is a compelling, fast-paced read. SPIN has also received over a dozen additional reviews online.

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Catherine's website, complete with an impressive blurb lineup, including one by Tish Cohen, author of Inside Out Girl and Town House : catherinemckenzie. For me it was a perfect escape to another world, with characters I loved and a storyline that grabbed me from the beginning to the end. A "wickedly candid and genuinely funny story of a woman who must make a Sophie's Choice for her career.

I was thoroughly surprised. I loved it.

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To this end, they offer eight strategies for rethinking your role at work, each of which applies to different people at different stages of their careers. The concise explanations of each strategy coupled with detailed explanations of how to follow through make this a great resource. Strongly recommended for anyone, employed or job-seeking, who wants to redefine how he or she thinks about work.

The full review follows: "Kelli Stanley makes s San Francisco shine in the first book of her new series, City of Dragons. Miranda Corbie is a noir detective complete with feminine wits and ingenuity. Kinsey, VI, and Aimee Leduc should watch out. There's a new girl in town! Books, Olympia, WA.

Excerpts of the review follow: "Michael Kurland has assembled a smashing sampling of new short fiction, all based on the premise that Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's famed detective, Sherlock Holmes, visited the United States at least once during his illustrious fictional lifetime. The winner of the award will be announced at Left Coast Crime, an annual event sponsored by fans of mystery literature for fans of mystery literature. Read the full blog entry here. This book by two career experts and leadership consultants addresses such dissatisfaction, saying people can be happier at their jobs by spending time finding out what they want from the experience.

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Please join us on Wednesday for wine, cupcakes, and to show your support. The review led with a description of the book as "An outstanding, viscerally authentic mystery set in an exciting time and place. It's Chinese New Year. The streets are crowded. No one sees a thing.

The Chamber of Commerce wants the murder to go away and the cops are good with that, but Miranda wants the truth and she puts one foot in front of the other until she's covered the entire city looking for answers. You can almost experience Stanley's world with all five senses. It's her details that draw you in, but her story keeps you turning the pages until the ending that slowly and cleverly takes you by surprise. If you've read a better mystery lately, I need to know the name of it. Miranda is one tough cookie; I can't wait to read more about her and her city by the Bay.

It is , and relations between the Chinese and Japanese communities are tense, owing to Japan's invasion of China. City officials want this case to go away, but Miranda wants justice for an innocent young man. Her past as a highly paid call girl gives her entry into establishments that no one admits are flourishing. This atmospheric series debut by the author of Nox Dormienda , winner of the Bruce Alexander Award for best historical mystery, will appeal to fans of noir historicals.

The full review follows: "Set in San Francisco in , Stanley's stunning first in a new series introduces a gutsy, independent heroine who isn't always likable. As the city celebrates the Chinese New Year with the Rice Bowl Party, a three-day carnival to raise money for China's war relief, PI Miranda Corbie sees Eddie Takahashi, a young Japanese numbers runner, shot dead in front of her on a crowded, fireworks-filled Chinatown street.

When the police tell her to forget about Takahashi 'Chalk him up to Nanking' , the outraged Miranda decides to seek justice on her own. In her quest for Takahashi's killer, she encounters racism and sexism at nearly every turn. A former escort who's reinvented herself as a detective, the year-old Miranda isn't taken seriously by the cops, who enjoy rehashing her past. Stanley Nox Dormienda aptly describes San Francisco as a city 'redolent and glistening with sin and lamplight, forever a girl you didn't take home to Mother. The full review follows: "Kelli Stanley's impressive new mystery takes readers back to the San Francisco of Miranda Corbie, a young private investigator, is enjoying the festivities when she stumbles upon the body of Eddie Takahashi.

The Chamber of Commerce wants the murder covered up, and the police are happy to forget it, but Miranda wants justice. Her quest takes her through Chinatown's tenements and herb shops to a tailor in Little Osaka and a high-class bordello. Chain-smoking Chesterfields all the while, Miranda tries to get information from both hoods and cops. Stanley has vividly re-created the atmosphere of the era, using authentic San Francisco landmarks and the Golden Gate International Exposition as background.

Her hard-boiled, strong female sleuth stalks Hammett's San Francisco and does the job with all the panache of Sam Spade. Readers will eagerly await the next installment in this exciting new hard-boiled series. Amy Burkhardt is profiled in the January edition of www. To read her full interview, click here. The review, titled "Kelli Stanley's The Curse-Maker is a mystery worth reading," includes the following excerpt: "Kelli Stanley is a prize-winning author whose crime novels and short stories are written in the style of noir fiction.

Here's what Karim had to say: "Stanley's first P. An excerpt follows: "As a bacteriologist and United Nations Development Agency technical specialist, Perrett has the scholarly background to dig deep into information on food safety. An excerpt follows: "The second Ancient Britannia mystery see Nox Dormeinda is a superb whodunit that provides readers with insight into the use of curses, apparently a thriving business of the times.

Her blurb follows: "The overburdened, understaffed agencies that are supposed to inspect and eliminate contaminated food in the United States cannot do an adequate job since most of our edibles are imported. An excerpt follows: "Some of the tales presented fall short of the mark; others, such as Kelli Stanley's 'Children's Day', seem destined to become classics.

An excerpt follows: "A murder interrupts the holiday of Arcturus, the Roman governor's doctor and sometime sleuth, in Stanley's well-plotted second novel set in Britain during the reign of Domitian after 's Nox Dormienda , winner of the Bruce Alexander Award for Best Historical Mystery. An excerpt follows: "The editor plans to continue to tap into the market in teen-savvy ways, which Fire did in September with iDrakula by Bekka Black The full text follows: "They save time, but pre-washed, pre-cut, ready-to-go packages of fruits and veggies can be problematic.

Here's what David had to say: "Kelli Stanley shows herself, once again, to be the most remarkable writer of historical noir going. An excerpt follows: " An excerpt: "It's hard to believe that the author is only An excerpt follows: "A book is supposed to speak to its audience, though, and in that respect it's hard to envision an author following that rule in stronger fashion than Black. An excerpt follows: "In carefully wrought prose reminiscent of Alice Munro, Ms. An excerpt follows: "This is one of those books that tells a heck of a good action tale A few of our favorite excerpts: "Merrie Destefano has crafted a premise that's powerful in its simplicity.

Here's what Barbara had to say: "Kelli Stanley can etch a landscape as vividly as she gives voice to Roman noir. Cogdill calls the book "one of the most exciting novels to come out this year," and quotes her own review published online earlier this year : "The gritty, hard-boiled City of Dragons works as an insightful look at racism and sexism. An excerpt follows: "It begins like a nice, calm stroll through the woods.

An excerpt follows: "In her sure-handed, compact debut, Campbell offers a portrait of the artist as a young woman. Indeed, of all the Legions and their Primarchs, the Night Lords were the most sinister and the most suspect, having been censured for the enormities and massacres carried out in the Emperor's service. They were creatures of the dark, harnessed to the will of a father wracked by righteousness and foreboding; what else could have been their fate but to fall back into the night from whence they came? Nostramo tears itself apart following the orbital bombardment of the Night Lords' fleet.

Nostramo's death came at the end of a long chain of events which saw the Night Lords relinquishing the last of their honour. The lack of moderation in the Night Lords' methods had attracted scorn and hostility from other Legions. Even as the tally of disgust grew, Curze became increasingly plagued by visions and portents of ruin, calamity and betrayal. He saw everything he had striven for to be broken, the order and justice of the galaxy shattered and his sons become monsters without cause or higher purpose. Curze became ever more withdrawn, what little shone in his being guttering to nothing, and leaving him with nothing but darkness and the screams of a lost future.

Learning that his homeworld had slipped back into corruption, Night Haunter tried to confide in his brother Primarchs, but he had never been close to them, and their reaction was less than favourable to his claims. The scars left by his former life on Nostramo ran deep. Despite the fact that he spent much time with his less-dour peers, the Night Lords Primarch kept himself at a distance, never able to join in their camaraderie or share their joy.

He still fell into convulsions, plagued by prophetic visions of his own death, of his Night Lords fighting war after war with the other Legions. But despite the concern of his companions, he would not reveal any more than dark hints of the cause of his tormented spirit. This feeling of isolation gradually grew into true paranoia, and the gulf between Night Haunter and the brotherhood of the other Primarchs only widened. After confiding in his mentor Fulgrim of the terrible things he had foreseen, the shocked Primarch of the Emperor's Children repeated these grim tidings to his brother Rogal Dorn.

Dorn took exception to the Night Haunter's slight of the Emperor's good name with such terrible deeds and confronted him. The exact events of what occurred between the two Primarchs is not recorded in detail, but Dorn was found severely wounded and the Night Haunter's personal cadre of bodyguards slaughtered to a man. Curze then returned to Nostramo with his Legion and fulfilled one of his visions. Curze's judgement was simple and swift; the Night Lords destroyed Nostramo. A few Imperial pursuit craft arrived just in time to see the Night Lords' starships open their laser batteries into the hole in the planet's surface that had been left by Night Haunter's arrival through the Warp decades earlier.

Nostramo's core destabilised and the world tore itself apart. As a Primarch and a Lord of Crusades, it was his right to liberate or destroy the world as he saw fit, but in the moment that Nostramo died, the Night Lords lost their last tether to restraint, though it would take the treachery of others to bring this change to light.

This ruthless behaviour did not sit well with some of the other Primarchs and Astartes Legions. Finally, Curze and the Night Lords Legion were recalled to Terra to explain their behaviour, where they were then reprimanded by the Emperor and the Council of Terra. The last straw for the Emperor was when the Night Lords had unleashed an Exterminatus upon their own homeworld. Curze explained his actions to the Emperor by pointing out that Nostramo, in the Legion's absence, had slid back into its old ways of cruel violence and crime. He and the Night Lords were embittered by what they saw as the Emperor's and the Council of Terra's hypocrisy when they were censured for their brutality even as the Emperor had unleashed a Great Crusade that used military power to forcibly reunite the scattered worlds of humanity.

The Night Lords thought that the Emperor would acknowledge that their actions had been in the right. They also felt that these actions were the direct consequence of the mission that the Imperium had always tasked them with, which was essentially that of "sanctioned" terrorism against all who opposed the expansion of the Imperium and its mission to reunite all the worlds of Mankind across the galaxy.

To Curze, it seemed that the Emperor had castigated him for carrying out the same actions that had once been deemed so vital to the Imperium's formation. Curze believed the Emperor to be a hypocrite who was unwilling to face the reality of the means that His dream of human reunification actually required to be brought into being. Angered by the Emperor's rejection of their methods of protecting and extending His realm, the Night Lords and their Primarch willingly joined the Warmaster Horus in his rebellion against the Emperor of Mankind.

When the Warmaster revealed his treachery during the Istvaan III Atrocity and plunged the galaxy into the fires of civil war, Konrad Curze would eventually throw himself into a bitter campaign of death and destruction, giving full vent to his most violent urges.

When Imperial forces were assembled to strike against Horus and the four turncoat Legions, there were many who were surprised to learn that the Night Lords had answered the call. For years the VIII th Legion had existed on the border between sanction and censure, fighting its own wars of terror like shadows within the forces of the Great Crusade. Such was the desperate spirit of those times that few questioned Curze's aid, and those who did perhaps remembered the Night Lords' need to punish those who strayed from the light.

As the treachery of the Drop Site Massacre would show, however, the Night Lords had not forsaken contact with all elements of the Great Crusade, and their need for retribution had led them to become the Traitors and criminals they had once loathed. Once unfettered by Horus' need to drive on Terra and their tenuous allegiance with the powers of Chaos , the Night Lords went on to conduct a campaign of terror that continued to echo down the millennia to this day, wreaking bloody murder across the galaxy. Immediately after the death of Horus, the Night Lords went on a killing spree in the Eastern Fringes of the galaxy that caused havoc for long years after the Horus Heresy had ended.

The Night Haunter did not fall during the Horus Heresy, and neither did he receive the dark blessing of the Ruinous Powers in the form of apotheosis to daemonhood. It is known that throughout his life Curze had possessed the gift many would say curse of foresight; he was constantly struck with powerful visions of the worst of all possible futures, and that his last had been a foretelling that he would die at the hand of one such as M'Shen. This prophetic psychic ability was passed on to other Night Lords who share their gene-sire's genetic heritage.

This was a unique trait, as it is said to be unrelated to Warp taints or other known psychic properties. It is believed that Curze let his assassination happen, in order to show his father, the Emperor of Mankind , that he stood by his beliefs as surely as the Emperor stood by His. While acknowledging his own crimes against humanity, Curze also stated that his martyrdom would ultimately vindicate him and his methods.

Curze ordered his Legion not to pursue his assassin, a last wish that was eventually disobeyed. His death did not slow the Night Lords down, as they continued to apply themselves to his mantra and are specialists in the application of terror and the tactics of fear to this day. Though they paid lip service to the Ruinous Powers of Chaos and certainly felt its insidious pull, in the end the Night Lords, like their Primarch, served only their own twisted conception of justice. After the Horus Heresy , the Night Lords did not flee into the Eye of Terror like the other Traitor Legions , instead they retained their Pre-Heresy numbers and sought to conquer their own terrible dominion from the worlds of the Imperium's Eastern Fringe.

However, after the assassination of Konrad Curze, the Legion splintered into multiple feuding warbands, as is the nature of those who serve Chaos, and eventually relocated to the Eye of Terror. By the late 41 st Millennium, the Legion has deteriorated in both its numbers and its capabilities. There was also continued infighting within the Legion as there was no clear leadership, with several ranking Night Lords contending for the right to lead the entire Legion. Currently, the Night Lords hire themselves out as mercenaries and elite shock troops for the other Forces of Chaos or even for pirates who raid Imperial worlds, such as Huron Blackheart.

They have been known to assist Chaos Warmaster Abaddon the Despoiler in his Black Crusade campaigns when asked to do so, as the quest for their own vengeance against the Imperium continues. Their most infamous post-Heresy raid in the Imperium was on the world of Scound's Fall, just a few hundred light years from holy Terra. Across the aeons, the Night Lords have done more to traumatise the psyche of the Imperium than any other Traitor Legion.

As the Time of Ending intensifies, the terror raids and cruel hunts of the Night Lords increase in frequency. Long scattered, they are uniting, warband by warband, in the name of some dire cause. It can spell only doom for the worlds of Mankind. The inheritance of Nostramo coiled throughout the structure of the Night Lords.

Outwardly they followed a pattern close to many other Space Marine Legions during the Great Crusade era, but behind this basic skeleton lay the courts of Nostramo, the gang traditions and the aesthetics of terror that infused every aspect of the VIII th Legion.

At the squad level, the Night Lords fielded a broad range of units, though taken as a whole the number of configured Breacher Siege Squads were proportionally rarer than in other Legions. The Night Lords also had a number of unique units: the infamous Terror Squads , whose sole purpose was to create and embody a state of horror in their enemies, and the Night Raptor Squads , who would soar above their enemies trailing the bloody remains of their kills while shrieking from modified Vox casters.

Almost all squads within the VIII th Legion had a name that they used in place of the simple designation. So it was that squads within a company might be referred to as "Claws", "Talons" or a number of other epithets often coupled with an indication of hierarchy or honorific: the Stygian Talon, the 10 th Claw, the 5 th Oathed, to name but a few amongst thousands. The company was the basic strategic deployment unit within the Night Lords Legion and each squad belonged to a company which might number anywhere between and 1, warriors.

Most companies had a title in addition to their numeric designation. Unlike many others, the Night Lords used battalions and Chapters as semi-permanent groupings of companies, rather than a universal structure favouring their own divisions. This seemingly byzantine complexity masked a surprisingly efficient and flexible approach to warfare which allowed the VIII th Legion to operate with a high degree of fluidity and to be readily fractured into autonomous units or combined into ad hoc formations as their master dictated.

A notable example of one of these unique formations is the "Crimson Sons". This formation was formed from the remnants of the VIII th Legion's 9 th Company midway through the Terran Unification Wars, as their formation had suffered near total destruction during the pacification of the wasteland domain of Oxitania. The later status and whereabouts of the Crimson Sons is unknown, and it is possible they were slain during the many battles of the Horus Heresy which followed the Drop Site Massacre. Konrad Curze was the Dark King of his Legion, a figure of fear for his sons as much as on object of loyalty.

That many were genuinely loyal to him cannot be doubted, but as many seem to have been bound to him by fear rather than adoration, and some hated their gene-sire. Curze appeared not to have cared so long as when he commanded, all obeyed. Around him the Dark King maintained a court of his most useful sons. The members of this group, the Kyroptera , were drawn from senior officers across the VIII th Legion and transcended rank.

All had a quality that Curze found valuable, though in some cases that quality seems to have been little more than distilled bitterness and cruelty. Membership in the Kryoptera gave no absolute rank, but the fact remained that they were the ruling elite of the Night Lords, and so few others would openly disobey a command from one of them. Alongside these served the Atramaentar. A company-strength formation equipped with Terminator Armour and armed with the finest weapons, they were the personal command of the First Captain of the Night Lords and enforcers of order.

Renowned for their cold brutality in battle and their unswerving loyalty to their commander and their Primarch, they seem to have acted as a check on the many fractious elements within the VIII th Legion, and though this cannot now be confirmed, it is widely thought that they served as Curze's executioners when the need arose. Beneath the Kyroptera were the many Captains of the companies. The few of these that had been graced with leading several companies under the banner of a battalion or Chapter went by a variety of inconsistent ranks including Commander, Master and Regent, amongst others.

While these exalted leaders had clear command over the units placed under them, their authority in the VIII th Legion as a whole seems to have been more malleable. A Regent might have a handful of Captains under his command, but be subject to the commands of a different Captain if that Captain were of the Kryoptera, or exalted in some other way.

Just as squads and companies bore names to set them apart from each other, so too did the commanders of the Legion adorn their names with secondary monikers and titles. Many of these titles had echoes in the cursed nobility and gangs of Nostramo: "Talonmaster", the" Bloodless" or the "Sightless Revenant". A few were no doubt calculated insults that either stuck or were adopted by their bearers out of perversity. At the time of the Drop Site Massacre in M31, the Night Lords had been teetering on the edge of Renegade status for several years.

Apparently fighting their own wars with little or no regard or contact with the rest of the Great Crusade's chain of command, it had been some time since an accurate survey of their strength had been made. Estimates of the strength of the Legion therefore vary wildly. Some put their numbers at a little over 90, Astartes, others at , The Legion was known to have been recruiting from subjugated worlds throughout the latter part of the Great Crusade, in some cases stealing away the youth of entire star systems as the base from which to winnow suitable Aspirants.

The use of rapid psycho-conditioning and accelerated gene-seed implantation was also known to be widely practiced by the Night Lords, further supporting suggestions that their numbers were at least on par with many of the more numerous Space Marine Legions. It is also likely that a number of Night Lords elements were not at the Istvaan System, but were engaged in other self-selected actions in the unconquered corners of the galaxy at that time.

A Night Lords Spartan Assault Tank ; the Night Lords' larger war engines often made extended use of terrifying symbols of death and woe, drawn from the bloody culture of Nostramo. The Night Lords had access to the full range of war machines utilised by the Emperor's armies during the Great Crusade, and even though the VIII th Legion favoured terror tactics and infiltration over set piece battles, it still made use of such mighty vehicles. Because each of the Legion's companies tended to operate independently, most of the Night Lords' vehicles were held at the company level, squadrons operating in direct support of the company's squads.

A small number of companies within the Legion choose to operate exclusively as armoured formations, often acting on the direct orders of the Primarch or the VIII th Legion's command cadre when several companies were fielded together as a battalion or Chapter and more substantial armoured support was required.

The Caradara Armour Claw is one such company-sized armoured unit whose reputation had spread beyond its Legion before their treachery. The formation's masters had perfected a form of armoured combat which mirrored that utilised by the VIII th Legion as a whole. Striking when possible from the darkness of dusk or dawn, the Caradara assaulted the enemy where they were weakest, rampaging through rear zones in order to sever lines of communication, and resupply and isolate individual concentrations of enemy troops. Having done so, the Caradara destroyed its targets at its leisure according to the proclivities of individual squadron or vehicle commanders.

The Caradara were often noted to favour using prow-mounted dozer blades to bury enemy troops in their own trenches, while other gained unholy satisfaction from overrunning helpless defenders and grinding their bodies beneath the tracks of their armoured vehicles. Needless to say, few defences stood long against such brutal assaults.

The Night Lords utilised a wide range of assets throughout the Great Crusade, finding that even the most standardised of weapons and armour could be adapted and utilised in their favoured manner of warfare. Armoured troop transports of all classes were used by the VIII th Legion to smash deep into the heart of the enemy's positions, with flanks clad in grotesque trophies to sow horror and dread in all who looked upon them. Aircraft were used to deliver death from the night sky, descending without warning to strike the enemy where he least expected it and ensuring that no foe could afford even a moment's rest or respite.

They also made more use of automated systems such as the Tarantula than many other Legions, preferring to assign mundane duties as static defence to such robotic weapons, as well as employing them as part of their offensive strategies cunningly concealed and programmed to funnel enemy refugees into killing grounds pre-registered by the Legion's artillery masters. A Night Lords Chaos Dreadnought. The Night Lords Chaos Space Marines have several unique genetic traits inherited from the gene-seed of the Night Haunter: they all possess very pale, white skin and haunting black-within-black eyes like their Primarch.

They can see in absolute darkness, with a clarity that is above and beyond even the ability of normal Space Marine occular implants. They also possess an innate "preysight"; the ability to see in the infrared spectrum to detect heat signatures. Finally, a Night Lords Astartes can emit abnormally loud shrieks and cries that cause immediate deafness and disorientation in those who hear them.

The Night Lords rarely use daemons in their armies largely due to their lack of faith in Chaos , with the exception of Furies , daemons of Chaos Undivided who share the Night Lords' fondness for brutal murder and psychological warfare. The Night Lords do not worship any individual power of Chaos as a Legion, instead venerating the concept of Chaos Undivided when they choose to pay any attention to Chaos at all. Indeed, the Night Lords maintain a certain contempt for all of the Ruinous Powers , as well as for what they perceive as weakness of any sort, a mistrust they inherited from the Night Haunter, who was no more fond of the major Chaos Gods than he was of his father the Emperor.

The Night Lords also mistrust psykers of all kinds, including Astropaths , although they may utilise them, as well as Navigators , when the situation demands it. However, as of the late 41 st Millennium, some Night Lords may be tainted by the touch of Chaos and have developed mutations, a fact that those so affected try to hide from their brethren, as the Night Lords are traditionally as disgusted by mutation as their Loyalist counterparts, seeing it as a form of physical and spiritual weakness.

Night Lords veterans of the Atramentar attack a doomed Imperial outpost. The Night Lords Legion is organised into companies, each of which is led by a Captain , with each company composed of squads of ten Astartes called "Claws" led by a Sergeant. There is also an elite Terminator unit known throughout the Legion as the "Atramentar", and at least one Dreadnought.

When ready for combat, the Night Lords refer to themselves as "in midnight clad", reflecting both their heritage and their penchant for operations conducted under the cover of darkness. A Raptor of the Night Lords Legion attacks. The Night Lords adopted the modus operandi of their Primarch without exception, and thrive in sowing fear and confusion among their enemies. It is common practice for Night Lords Chaos Space Marines to ensure that the communications of a target planet are shut down, broadcasting hideous messages and screams across the airwaves as they begin slaughtering the occupants at their leisure.

It is very rare that the Night Lords voluntarily fight a force able to withstand them; they much prefer to attack the weak and frightened. Repeated instances have shown that the Night Lords will not give quarter, and are entirely bereft of mercy. Any poor soul offering to surrender will have his pleas answered by mutilation and painful death. Night Haunter's Legion has no holy crusade, no belief that causes them to spread murder and misery to the worlds they visit. Similarly, they have no martial creed, as all concept of martial honour has been eroded by their transformation into warbands of vicious killers.

The Night Lords are masters of stealth, able to infiltrate a position quickly and silently. These arts appear to be innate to the Legion, and are used most often during the sick games the Night Lords use to drive their prey into paroxysms of terror. Once they have prepared themselves and found places to launch an assault that meets their standards, the Night Lords are capable of sudden, shockingly brutal ambushes or unconventional attacks intended to thin the enemy's ranks or simply sow chaos amongst the foe.

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One such tactic designed to enhance fear that has been observed to be used by the Night Lords is when they unleash a fifteen-second-long Vox -augmented scream that ruptures any unprotected eardrums in the vicinity. Once their victims are hunched over in agony, stunned and deaf, the Night Lords unleash their wrath. Even before they turned to Chaos, the Night Lords adorned their armour with the imagery of death; this is because they know that fear can be used as a weapon just as effectively as a Chainsword or Bolter. Given the Night Lords' predilection for assaulting weaker foes, a fully-armoured Night Lords Chaos Champion armed with a devastating array of weaponry is always more than a match for the foes he chooses to fight.

Since the Heresy, Night Lords warbands have tended to attract a greater proportion of Raptors than those of any other Traitor Legion.

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The swooping attacks once favoured by Konrad Curze are echoed by the diving, tearing assaults of the Night Lords Raptors, predators that strike from the sky amidst an ear-splitting chorus of shrieks that can force even the most stoic of veterans to cower at the critical moment. Space Marine Legions often changed after the rediscovery of their Primarch and their surrogate homeworld.

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Any venture that results in monetary profit. We do not consider the promotion of guilds, fan sites, and fan groups, or the activities and content thereof, to be advertising. Please feel free to let The Elder Scrolls Online community know all about your guild, fan site, or fan group! Simply keep in mind that you may not promote your guild, fan site, or fan group if you are looking to turn a monetary profit by doing so. Bashing and Slanderous Comments: We do not permit the bashing of individuals including ZeniMax employees , groups, or other companies on our forums.

We believe that doing so is neither constructive nor in spirit of our game and community. Conspiracy Theories and Misinformation: We do not tolerate the deliberate and malicious spreading of false info or conspiracy theories about ZeniMax Online Studios, its game s , or its employees. This does not include honest mistakes; rather, this rule pertains to those who go out of their way to spread harmful or malicious rumors about ZeniMax Online Studios and its employees, or The Elder Scrolls Online. Copyright Infringement: Names and Material: We do not allow copyright-protected names on our forums.

Copyright-protected names are typically from well-known original characters in books, games, and movies. We also do not permit discussion about the illegal distribution or use of copyrighted material, such as private game servers or pirated movies, music, and games. Cursing and Profanity: Purposefully circumventing our forum profanity filter or otherwise cursing or using profanity is not permitted on our forums.

Our forums have a profanity filter in place for the purpose of keeping profanity off our forums — please help us keep the ESO community constructive and profanity-free by respecting that filter. Demands and Threats: We encourage you to share feedback, suggestion, and requests with us, but we expect all of our community members to refrain from resorting to demands or threats.

We believe that demands and threats are not constructive. Threats of real-life violence, in particular, are something we take very seriously and do not tolerate in the ESO community. As an example, if we close a thread you created and leave an explanation stating why it was closed, you may not re-create the thread. We are happy to discuss and review specific moderation-related actions with you, but we do not allow discussion of any moderation actions or decisions on our forums.

We cannot assist with in-game violations on the forums. It is never appropriate to resort to personal comments or jabs about those participating in the thread discussion. Hate Speech: We take the use of hate speech very seriously in the official ESO community, and have a zero tolerance policy. Our definition of hate speech is prejudice or hateful comments, slurs, or statements that promote violence or intolerance toward others because of the following: Race. National Origin. Sexual Orientation.

Any other personally identifying factors. Please help us ensure that everyone feels welcome and free to participate on the official ESO community forums. Impersonation: We do not tolerate impersonation of any kind in the official ESO community, and take impersonation attempts very seriously when they do occur. Impersonation includes using a display name, photos, posts, or any other material with the intent to fool people into believing you are a ZeniMax Online Studios employee, another community member, a celebrity, or anyone else you are not.

Inappropriate Content and Language: Certain topics and subjects are deemed inappropriate and not permitted on the official ESO forums. Things that we consider inappropriate are usually illegal, extremely volatile or violent, obscene, vulgar, or simply inappropriate for an official game forum such as ours.

Malicious Links: We do not tolerate the posting of malicious links on our forums, for any reason. This includes links to pornographic material, key-loggers, and browser hijackers, but also includes links to private game server sites, phishing scams, and sites that sell in-game currencies and power-leveling services.

We greatly appreciate when our community members wish to report a harmful or misleading ESO-related site to us, but please do not do so on the official ESO forums. Directing a thread at a specific individual, or otherwise using a thread to call someone out, is not considered constructive.