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This volume brings together internationally renowned and new scholars to consider the changing relationship between contemporary and classical sociology.

Arguing that recent historical and theoretical developments make reconsideration timely, it suggests that whilst the classical tradition has a continuing pertinence, it is inevitably subject to ongoing reconfiguration. Assessing the explanatory value of classical and contemporary forms of sociology, interrogating social theory as both a form of explanation and a mode of practice, and considering the possible consequences for the discipline of questions about its subject matter, Sociological Objects steers a course between assertions about radical epistemological breaks on the one hand, and reverence for the classical tradition on the other.

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Rather, it emphasizes the value of reworking, reconsidering and reconfiguring sociological thought. Sociological Objects: Reconfigurations of Social Theory. September University of Surrey.

June Centre for Research on Families and Relationships. Invited talk for the workshop: What's the Matter with Judith Butler?

What is SOCIAL THEORY? What does SOCIAL THEORY mean? SOCIAL THEORY meaning, definition & explanation

An Interdisciplinary Engagement. Politics subject area.


Identity after The Moment of Theory

School of Social and Political Studies. The University of Edinburgh. March University of York. Social structures as a discursive construction and the objectivism of the performative" The British Sociological Association Annual Conference.

The biosocial: sociological themes and issues

Paper jointly developed with H. April Rafanell ed. Publications 'Durkheim and the performative model: Reconfiguring social objectivity' in Geoff Cooper, Andrew King, Ruth Rettie eds , Sociological Objects: the reconfiguration of social theory , Ashgate forthcoming.