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It is said that Indian classical music has its roots in this text. The Yajurveda, also known as the Karma-Veda, contains mantras dealing with the nature and motivation behind human action and common religious sacrifices and rituals during the period it was written. The Atharvaveda mainly consists of magical chants and remedies and a small number of curses to be used against enemies.

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The Out of India Theory- Part 1 Chronology of the Rigveda.

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This is evident also in its ancient sources to ideas of the creation of the world. In Rig Veda , the collection of hymns from around to BCE, the poet of one of them contemplates the very question if something can be first, i.

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Rig Veda is in a famous hymn of the tenth mandala. It is generally regarded as one of the later hymns, probably composed in the 9th century BCE. The Paradox of Origin The advanced abstract reasoning in the hymn has brought it a lot of attention, not only within indology, but from scholars of philosophy and the history of religion as well.

Its line of thought relates splendidly to cosmological thinking of the philosophers of Ancient Greece, all through to present day astronomy. And it ends with what seems like a punch line, a paradox taken to the extreme, almost as if the unknown poet of it was making a joke. He from whom all this great creation came.

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Whether his will created or was mute, The Most High seer that is in highest heaven, He knows it - or perchance even He knows not. Present-day India on the world map. Mainly, Rig Veda reveals an insoluble paradox in which the human mind of the past as well as the present easily gets trapped: How can the universe have sprung into existence, i.

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